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New Year

College Team

New Year

2011 – let it be on earth as it is in heaven.  It’s not time to make new year’s resolutions.  It’s time to put action to what you know God has called you to do!  Write the vision, make it plain.  Why?  So you stay focused, don’t quit, don’t grow weary, so you can continue to make steps for it to come to pass.  If it were easy, you would not need God.  With the vision comes the provision.  That includes finance, anointing, wisdom, direction…  provision.  Don’t let another year go by, looking at your list and saying, ‘I still haven’t done that yet.’ 

College Team (see pictures)

A team of college kids arrived to serve with Luis Sorto through the holiday (into the New Year).  They started with a VBS for kids in the mornings and afternoons.  Kjell and I (and our kids) were there to help a bit with translation.  They did the gospel bead bracelets, message, and lots of playing (soccer, basketball, Frisbee, pushing kids on the swings, etc.). 

     Last year we rang in the new year with a trip to the hospital for Jeremiah who was attacked by a dog.  So, we were not sure what we wanted to do this year.  When we found out the team was coming, we suggested to Luis that they could come over.  We prepared our living room for a movie on the projector and piled up the board games, but we spent all evening around the dining room table talking until midnight!  At midnight, we went outside to watch our neighbor’s fireworks (which are more noise than color), and lit a few sparklers. 

     Saturday afternoon, we had the bible classes.  The team had prepared 6 different 20 minute messages.  Using two classrooms, adults chose three times what session they wanted to attend (evangelism, discipleship, teaching, sanctification, body of Christ, and one other).  One of the team members heard that people are more interested in listening to a message if they have a choice.  In the United States, we are used to choice.  We can choose what to eat, what to wear, where to go, what to watch, and even what to have on a hamburger.  Hondurans were not used to that.  I don’t think they knew what to do.  Very few changed rooms. 

     Sunday afternoon, the team (plus Lorenzo, a Honduran teen, and his friend, Moises) piled in our red truck to go to the waterfall.  We don’t usually swim this time of year because it is winter to us and the water is cold.  A few team members braved the water and all had a good time. 

     The team’s last three days were spent building a fence around the playground.  We were having a problem with older kids and adults using it and breaking items.  Hopefully, this will make it stay available for the younger children and make it last longer.

Power of Prayer

When Honduras was going through a time of political unrest, I actually thought about Esther in the bible. The words of Mordecai rang true, “…who knows whether you are come to the kingdom for such a time as this…” (Esther 4:14).  If I was not in Honduras, I may have heard about the political unrest from a friend, but I do not think I would have prayed with the same fervor as I did since I was living here and events would affect me and my family.  If we are in God’s will, living where He wants us to live, then we are all “here or there (enter your city name) for such a time as this.”  There are people only we know, who we can pray for.  There are situations only we know about, that we can pray about.  We have the power to pray things out of existence and into existence.

     Sometimes, on the mission field, I see things that need to stop (evil) and things that need to begin (blessings).  Although, I am not always directly involved in the stopping or beginning of all of it, I can have joy in knowing I was part of it through prayer.  What kinds of things?  Peace in a nation.  Salvation.  Deliverance.    Change.  Provision.  Opportunities.

     We like to pray for and encourage other individuals and ministries to answer the call of God on their lives.  When possible, we also like to connect people together with similar visions, or simply provide people with information that will help. 

     You will be amazed at what you can be a part of, what dreams you can birth (your own and others'), through prayer.  Pray always!  If you pray for Answer the Call Ministries (Kjell, Marcy, Katarina, Mikayla, Rebekah, and Jeremiah), then you have a part!  Thank you!  We can not do this without you!

Leadership University

Praying for a way to help the poor help themselves has been top on my prayer list.  I have been dreaming of a trade school that could offer the opportunity to learn a skill to future pastors, others in the community, in the mountains, and around Honduras, as well as be a type of half-way house after the rehabilitation program in Zambrano.  Having been in Honduras for 3 years, I see the effects of ‘hand-outs’ on the poor. 

     In an episode of Laverne and Shirley, Shirley, Lenny, Squiggy, and Carmine wanted to give money to a poor immigrant who had lost his job (i.e., give him a handout), but Laverne wouldn’t give any money.  Instead, she goes out and gets him a job (at her dad’s pizza place).  Shirley learns and says to Laverne, “Instead of giving charity, you gave him a reason to wake up in the morning.  You gave him a job.  You gave him dignity, pride, self-esteem.”

     In line with praying for a way to help the poor help themselves, I met with Glen Evans of Art for Humanity.  He is starting a Leadership University in El Socorro (a town 1 ½ hours from Zambrano).  This is a way to help Hondurans have a reason to wake up in the morning.  This is not only an incredible opportunity for Hondurans, but it is an opportunity to help the poor help themselves.  It’s one thing to give to the poor.  It’s another thing to educate them out of it. 

     The Leadership University needs volunteer teachers.  This could be anywhere from teaching a week or longer course. Subject areas include economics, world history, marketing, business law, science, math, geography, accounting, psychology, political science, human resource management, leadership, computer skills, statistics, business management, etc.  Consider a humanitarian family opportunity instead of or in addition to your family vacation.  You do not need any religious affiliation and you can teach in English.

     They also need sponsors for students.  This could be sponsorship by an individual or by a group.  A group could be a Sunday School class, a book group, group of friends, an office, etc.  For $120/month (for a 12 month commitment), you could provide all personal items, school items, and any medical needed for one student.  If that is too much, then consider a smaller donation for other items needed.

Art for Humanity Fan Page

Saturday Bible Class (see pictures)

Another Spanish challenge!  Marcy and Katarina taught the children’s bible class for two Saturdays (ages walking – 8) while Carolina was away.  It would not even have been humanly possible to manage a classroom of 80+ students this age if it were not for Carolina’s great ability to lead and organize this class on a regular basis.  They have missed her extremely!

     On week one, we ministered through prayer, song, bible story, and coloring.  For the story of Daniel, we showed pictures from a book I have (piecing the story part together using the Spanish NIV).  Second, we had the children act the story of Daniel out, using dress up clothes from our house.  A little chaotic, but I think they had fun.  And we learned how God protects us when we do right. 

     On week two, the lesson was from Proverbs 4 on guarding our heart by protecting what our eyes see, ears hear, mouth says, hands do, and where our feet go.  Remember that song as a kid, “Be careful little eyes what you see…”?  I taught them that song in Spanish and then had a coloring sheet that would help them remember the lesson. I made 100 coloring sheet copies and I didn't have enough on round one!  That's too many kids for one class!

College Team  

VBS:  Jeremiah and Bekah make a gospel bracelet. 

White men can jump!  Can you see the frisbee?

Ultimate frisbee is hard to take a picture of - especially with soccer balls flying by at the same time.

Jessi (Luis translating) sharing on the main parts of a church.

Jacob (Luis translating) on Evangelism

Mary (Luis translating) sharing on Teaching:  3 types of learners

Jessi (Frances translating) sharing on Discipleship

Team project:  fence around playground

Happy kids

Saturday Bible Class  

Singing 'Alabare'


Be careful little feet where you go...

Another group of helpers

Coloring page





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