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Zion Gate Ministries (missionary Tony) hosts three different types of teams throughout the year:

  • World Racers (50 people ages 22-35 for 1 month at a time, 3 months out of the year);
  • Immersions (25 people ages 18-23 for 3 months at a time); and
  • Passport (25 people ages 18-23 for 2 months at a time). 

     Tony’s heart is to connect with the ‘unsung heros’ (small ministries that do not receive a lot of help financially for projects or teams coming to assist alongside).  I was able to connect him with two ministries that he could help:  Lee and Gracie of Heart of Christ Ministries (Talanga) and Teresa of Shechinah Ministries (Tegucigalpa).  It has been great to see the pictures of the World Racers helping Gracie and Lee with the kids and small projects and helping Teresa with a dam and tilapia farm.

     Tony’s response to working with these two ministries: 

“Connections with both ministries has been great.  Teams love them.  They love teams.  Getting to know them personally and make new friends has been great!”    

     Pray for these small ministries to have funds for projects or transportation.  Usually, a week-long team will come with the money for their project.  However, since the nature of these teams is to serve 1-3 months and travel to different places, they do not come with the funds for projects, they just provide the labor.      

     Also, it dawned on me that many of these ‘World Racers’ (short term missionaries) might be seeking God’s call on their life, so, I offered to teach a Run the Race Seminar, the first two sessions [Answering the Call (Who You Are) and Dream/Vision/Missions (What You Do)].  This could open the door to teaching the seminar to each team throughout the year (5+ teams/year?). 

Feel free to look at more information on each of the ministries mentioned:

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Tony & Nidia Deien

Zion’s Gate Ministries (Page)

Teresa Searcy

SMART Medical Teams (Page)

Adoptions Honduras (Page)

Lee & Gracie Murphree

Heart of Christ (Group)


Zion’s Gate also had a new street kid that did not yet have a sponsor and was suffering some tooth pain.  I just referred him to my dentist, who is bilingual, and who has a clinic in the city as well as her own office (where we go for cleanings).  Apparently it was a good connection:

“I call Marcy and say, ‘I need a dentist for one of our new street kids as he has a lot of pain.’ Within seconds she gives me a name. I call and I have an appointment this Monday! Yes Marcy is my new 'When I need something person'. THANKS MARCY for always willing to help me and our ministry at Zion's Gate Ministries!” 


In making some survey calls to Honduran Fellowship Members, I was able to let them know about the new Health Insurance plan through the fellowship, have an application sent to them, as well as have them save the date for the upcoming missionary retreat (March 15-17).  Both of these, the insurance and the retreat, are answers or relief to two struggles missionaries face here:  finding quality and affordable health care and feeling alone (isolated).   


Since 2007, Cape CARES has partnered with Discovery School on their brigades.  Several Cape CARES teams have had the opportunity to have students from Discovery School join them, and serve as translators and general helpers. The students are accompanied by a chaperone and join the team for the week.

       In order to encourage more student and parent involvement, I created a brochure that the Discovery school counselor can hand out to interested and/or recommended students.  I have gone to the same location as a chaperone 3 times in 18 months, so I’m hoping this will bring in more parent involvement by creating interest to go as well as eliminating fears of what they might think it would be like.   


A teacher at Discovery School had some clothes he wanted to give away.  So instead of just finding someone or a ministry to give them to, he decided to hold a clothing drive at Discovery School so that everyone could donate items they weren’t using.  He asked Kjell if he knew of any ministries that gave away clothes that they could give the clothes to at the end of the two weeks.  So, I posted it on the Honduran Fellowship page and the first response was from a missionary friend, Teresa (same as mentioned above).

       Last Friday, I went to the school and brought the clothes to Teresa’s warehouse (we have sorted beans, clothes, and toys there before).  She will have a team help sort and hand them out. 


Orphanage Emmanuel (see pictures)

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day (yes, we get American and Honduran holidays), Katarina, Mikayla, and I drove out to Orphanage Emmanuel in Guaimaca (about a 2 ½ hour drive).  A little over an hour into our trip, the tire rolled right off the truck... yes, tire and rim (of the six lug buts, two were already missing and the others either broke off or bent horribly)... right before a bridge (Puente Rio Honda).  The girls watched the tire roll and bounce out over the river. I didn't know what to do, so I figured I didn't have time to stop before the bridge, so I went across, slowing down and stopping on the other side of the bridge (riding on the rotor).  No one was hurt.  We had to jack the truck so we wouldn't lose the oil.  We searched all over both sides of the river because we couldn't put on the spare without the lug nuts.  A guy warned us about snakes (that was weird to watch out for) and then the guys even searched part of the river for the tire.  We called Kjell and the SOS (like AAA roadside assistance).  The only reason why we had roadside assistance is because last year, the girls locked the keys in the car while filming a movie on their cameras (we only have one set of keys for each vehicle).  Kjell came out to rescue us and we switched vehicles.  He had to wait hours, but a motorcycle came, determined they needed a tow and then he waited again.  After being towed into town and getting a new rotor, I think he got home at 4:30pm.

       It took us another hour to get to the orphanage.  And everyone said we could stop and ask anyone for directions once we got there (because the road to the orphanage was blocked).  However, I kept asking for ‘orfanao (huérfano) Emmanuel’ (an orphan named Emmanuel) instead of ‘Orfanato Emmanuel’ (Orphanage Emmanuel), so needless to say, the first two people had no clue what I was asking for and could not give us directions.

       NOTE:  I can’t tell you how many words in Spanish are so similar and yet have very different meanings (such as casado and cansado which is married and tired).

       Since we arrived late, it was time for lunch.  Katarina, Mikayla, Rebekah, and I each fed one baby (out of the 14!) lunch. That is a lot of high chairs. There were some helpers (orphanage girls that help when school is out) and one assistant for missionary Brandy.  Then, the babies had to nap.  During nap, we ate our picnic lunch and walked the property with Brandy.  There are over 1,000 acres of land, a farm (tilapia pond, stables for horses, cows, etc.), and a school in addition to all the ‘homes’ (baby house, toddler house, young boys, older boys, etc.).  There were multiple playgrounds, a medical clinic, team housing, and church.  This orphanage is like its own mini-town.  In the afternoon, we got the babies out of the cribs and played.  They were like little zombies (still tired).       We left the orphanage at 3:30pm and got home at 5:45pm. We praise God we are all unharmed.  And a different version of Veggie Tales is running through our minds, "Tire's in the river mom.  Tire's in the river mom."    (-sing to the tune of "Drive into the river Bob" from the animated Jonah movie).


Connecting teams to small ministries  

Zion's Gate Ministry (Ministerio Puerta De Sion

Nidia and Tony

Zion's Gate Ministry teams

Missionary Teresa (on right) with team member

Ministering to kids

Building a dam

Where else can you play (work) in the mud?

Gracie and Lee (in front) and their 'gang'

Playing with playdough

Building a canal (before)

Building a canal (after)

Connecting Discovery to Cape CARES  
Connecting Discovery to community  

Clothes donated by Discovery school

Orphanage Emmanuel  

Where's the tire?

Somewhere down there...

Singing while we wait for help at Puente Rio Honda

Finally at the baby home at the orphanage

A lot of babies, a lot of highchairs

Gordita (chubby - which is a compliment in Spanish)

The tilapia farm

Looking in at the tilapia ponds

A stable

Mikayla is in heaven

Awake or not awake, that is the question.

Mikayla and Katarina


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