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Marcy's Journal



Summer Furlough 2012

Ignite Your City

Summer Furlough 2012 (see pictures)

We had an awesome trip to the USA and back.  Sometimes we were busy, sometimes we relaxed, but overall it was great.  First, we prayed about what God wanted us to do for the trip.  Second, we made a prayer list (of needs and wants).  Third, we sowed a financial offering in faith (even the kids gave an offering from their allowance money).  Fourth, we stepped out in faith and acted upon what we felt God told us to do (from where to visit, to what to minister on, to what to give, to what to do for fundraisers, etc.).      

     This was the first time we sold fundraisers:  Honduran coffee (bags and individual packets), Lempiras (Honduran currency), and a children’s book by Rebekah Fenn (three stories combined into one book).  Each place had a different ‘hot’ item and it seemed to go very well.      

     We used some of our driving time in the van to praise God for things he had answered along the way.  In addition, what a joy it was, for us and the kids, to come home and go through our prayer list and turn it into a praise list!  God did exceedingly and abundantly ABOVE all we could have asked or thought.      

     In NH, we had a wonderful reunion night with the Honduras team from the summer of 2011.  That Sunday we reconnected with their entire church at Life! Church.  Then, we attended Anchor Bay Evangelical Association (ABEA) Annual Convention in TN.  Due to the new director of missions, we had an incredible missions service.  I was amazed at how many countries are represented in ABEA.  Also, we were able to meet other missionaries and pastors from ABEA.  Back in CT, we attended our home church, Grace Life.  I ministered on ‘Answering the Call’ (click link for recording, scroll down to 7/1/2012).  Katarina joined us at the end of the service to pray over people while Mikayla and Rebekah were left to ‘man’ the fundraiser table.  It was great to see them flow in their giftings and be part of ministry.  One evening we had an incredible open house at Kjell's parent's.  Thanks to everyone who came out to visit with us and sorry if we didn’t get enough time to catch up with you.    We also went to a last minute visit to a bible study at Abundant Life Community Church.  We reconnected with a Pastor we met when Kjell was the guest speaker at Keswick Camp for a week in the summer of 2007.      

     From there, we put Katarina and Mikayla on a plane to CA for the Golden Gate International Choir Festival (watch Choral Finales on YouTube listed below: 1, 2) while the rest of the family drove to PA.  We visited missionary friends in Lititz (they had just moved back to the States) and then were at a campground for the week.  Discovery School Honduras received bronze in historical and folk competitions and Katarina received bronze for one of her solos. 

Click on the song name to listen to the song on You Tube:

Sing All Ye Joyful

Katarina and Mikayla are in the fifth row from bottom, on right (blue dresses with blue flower in hair)

La Ronda

Katarina and Mikayla are on stage right, with others from Discovery School, in front of the whole group.    

     The first new church we visited in PA was Spring Meadow Family Worship Center.   I taught on ‘Unify (or One Accord (One Chord)).’  In closing we just began to intercede for the church and for unity in Pennsylvania.  We connected to this church through a mutual friend (the Harrs) and were able to spend some time with this family during the week as well (going to the 9-11 Memorial of Flight 93 and hanging out with them at their house – lunch, four wheeling, and swimming). The second new church we visited was Christ Victory Church.  Their new pastor was someone we knew from an organization we were both part of years ago.  I taught on ‘Answering the Call’ and we prayed with people as well.  Then, we enjoyed seeing familiar faces as well as meeting some new people, at Household of Faith.  I taught on ‘Never Give Up’ and we prayed with people.  We actually met a couple at this church who was married in Honduras years ago!  It was great to talk about Honduras.    

     Ending up where we started, NH, we went to the church I grew up in, Southside Bible Fellowship.  We led worship with the girls.  We ended the trip – literally the day before we left – by going to a prayer service at a Spanish church in Manchester:  Iglesia Vision Misionera El Arca.  Unplanned, God gave Kjell a word to share and he spoke in Spanglish until they had a lady come up and translate.  It was great to get back into the swing of hearing Spanish before returning back to Honduras.

 If you have a testimony from our time in the States,

please email them to

We would love to hear and share them!

Ignite Your City

My heart has always been about unity (within a church and within churches).  That is one reason I work with the Honduran Fellowship of Missionaries and Ministries– because it is uniting different missionaries and organizations here in the country and that in turn will show the glory of God to the world (specifically Honduras).      

     I found some areas we traveled over the summer to be working on unity as well and thought by sharing it, it may spark you to ignite something in your city.  One city had a church fair.  They met in a park in town and had booths.  Evangelical churches came together not only to pray with people, but to fellowship with the community by giving things away (food, face painting, etc.) as well as providing entertainment (various groups and worship teams).      

     Another city created an ‘in-country,’ local, missions trip.  For one week, the church scheduled morning, afternoon, and evening outreach.  This also was a multi-church missions team.  Some families took the entire week off for this missions trip and others participated in the activities they could.  This included outreach through local ministries, such as organizing and giving away clothes, as well as helping the town with projects, such as painting a fence in a park.  Not only did these churches ignite the city for Jesus, but it gave church members a chance to use their gifts and talents in the city.  In fact, many are continuing to help through the connections (ministries/organizations) they helped during that week.     

     Another church was connecting with other churches in different cities to provide outreach opportunities for their church members.  Sometimes we don’t need to start a new outreach or program, we just need to help someone who is already doing it.      

     There are no limits guys!  We can do more together!  Ignite your city!

Summer Furlough

Life! Church,

Hooksett, NH

Life! Church

Kjell, Jeremiah, Katarina, Mikayla, Rebekah

Honduras Presentation Table and Fundraisers

(Coffee, Lempiras, and Rebekah's 3-in-1 book

Very cool to show and see the presentation on the movie theater screen. Pastors Abi and Joe

ABEA Convention in TN

Dr. Adams (president)

Rockin' worship team

Missions service - Honduran flag on powerpoint

Kjell holds and walks in the Honduran flag

Look at all the countries represented!

ABEA Missions Director, Bonnie Parker

Our home church:  Grace Life, Torrington, CT

Katarina, Mikayla, Marcy, Rebekah, Jeremiah

Mikayla, Jeremiah, Katarina, Rebekah, Marcy

Answer the Call (Marcy)

Ministry time

Katarina praying for people

Abundant Life Community Church, Willimantic, CT

I like that, "Welcome to the Family"

Spring Meadow Family Worship Center

New Paris, PA

Christ Victory Church

Manns Choice, PA

Household of Faith, Everett, PA

Southside Bible Fellowship, Manchester, NH

Iglesia Vision Misionera, El Arca

Manchester, NH


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