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Marcy's Journal



1 Nation, 1 Day

Passport Discipleship Ends

Helping Hand


1 Nation, 1 Day (pictures)

A huge week long saturation of the gospel in Honduras, culminating in a final event, happened in July 20th.  We found out that Kari Jobe was on the list as singing at the event and hoped it was going to be in Tegucigalpa.   Since we knew the family from when we lived in Texas, I tried to contact them before they came to see if they needed anything, but we never connected beforehand.  Through facebook of all things (friends posting pictures with Kari and the airport), I found out she had come to Honduras early to visit with missionary friends of ours and was putting on a small concert in the town we lived in for 3 years (Zambrano).  We were invited to go out to Zambrano for a Wednesday meeting.  Kari sang and her dad preached.  Turns out they all remembered us from Restoration church in Texas.  I was able to talk with them a little before the meeting and some after.  Mark gave a powerful message and both he and Kari gave words over our family at the end.  While Kari sang, Jeremiah kept taking the music Cd out to make sure ‘she was really famous.’  The girls were in awe and got their pictures taken with Kari and music Cd autographed.   

     That Friday we received last minute tickets to one of the 1 Nation, 1 Day events, the Pastoral/Leadership Conference.  The line went down the road, all around in the parking lot, and all the way into the coliseum.  It was amazing to have a coliseum full of people worshipping and praying to God.  There were three main speakers.  At first, it was hard to hear, but then we moved closer.      For the culminating event on Saturday, we decided to watch it on TV.   Part of the reason was safety and the other was not knowing if we would be able to hear again.  What was cool about joining in via TV was that they could show different segments from all the different departments (like States) of Honduras.  It would show worship at one full stadium, healings at another stadium, preaching from another stadium, etc.  That night Honduras was saturated with an incredible peace and safe feel.

     There are lots of pictures and videos from what happened in different parts of Honduras  Now, we just keep our faith out there that change happened and Honduras is walking forward in Christ.   

Passport Discipleship Ends (pictures)

The last two Saturdays in July were the last sessions for Run the Race discipleship with the short-term Passport team.  Most beneficial…

  • Learning about Who Jesus was/is.
  • The activity on taking thoughts captive and changing core beliefs was fantastic and really applies to all areas of life.
  • Being able to dig into the Word and recognize that God wants each of us to live life with a purpose and live it for Him.  He has called each of us to something in this life.
  • Confronting fear
  • The last session was the most beneficial because it gave me tools to be more proactive in confronting fears that would prohibit me from realizing my dreams.
  • The dream chart.  I was able to find connections in my dreams.
  • To be able to recognize where I am fearing God’s plans and how to fight that fear.
  • The emphasis on my main ministry being my relationship with the Lord, my identity as His child, and the importance of character over actions.  Also, the examples of different testimonies.
  • I think the lesson on how ministry flows from who we are.  I loved the dream chart, it was helpful.  It opened my eyes.  Marcy, I enjoyed this so much.  Thank you for obeying God’s call on your life.

Helping Hand (pictures)

Katarina and Mikayla went to Heart of Christ (Website, Facebook) for two nights.  They helped with babies, set up a chair for bathing special needs children, and had devotionals with Gracie.

     The day before school, Rebekah joined Kat and Mik at World Gospel Outreach (Website, Facebook) to help organize.  This time, they put labels on medicines that will be used on brigades. 

     We were also able to help a missionary/future Discovery school teacher move.  When we were in Copan, we loaded up some of her stuff to bring back with us (she had some instruments and did not know how much room the van would have that was coming to get her).  Then the day before school I helped her move the rest of her stuff from a temporary, missionary’s place she was staying at, to her apartment.  I should have taken a picture of how I tied the plastic dresser (bureau) to the roof of the truck.  She likes her apartment, the school, church (she comes to the CCI English speaking service) and seems to be transitioning smoothly. 

1 Nation, 1 Day

Kari Jobe speaking a few words in Zambrano

Kari worshipping

Rev. Jimmy Hughes and Mark Jobe

Kari and Mark give words over people

Jeremiah, Kari Jobe, Katarina, Mikayla, and Rebekah

Coliseo in Tegucigalpa

The line started out the gate, around the parking lot, to the building, and then up the stairs.

Worship team at Pastoral/Leadership Conference

A whole stadium in praise and worship

Passport Discipleship

Last day of discipleship

A happy group on their way to answering the call!

Helping Hands  

Creative shot on the drive to Talanga

Milagro and Mikayla

Katarina plays


Just hanging out


Putting together the shower chair


Katarina, Rebekah, Mikayla labeling medicine at WGO


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