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Razor Wire Women's bible study (CCI)


Team Impact Honduras


Razor Wire (see pictures)

Mikayla and I went with Dan and Bonnie (missionaries) to a school in Valley of Angels where they are putting up razor wire.  The school is in need of water and functioning bathrooms, but without the security of razor wire, anything done or given to the school is stolen.  The people in this community often resort to selling drugs since they can only make about L100 ($5)/day at a job or selling their crops.  Mikayla and I took turns holding and cutting the smaller pieces of wire that held the razor wire on and helped to shorten any gaps between the fence and wire.  It was nice to see people from the community helping (and not getting paid!).  Apparently Japan, an organization or the government, will be helping this school with more classrooms in the future. 

Women's Bible Study (CCI)

I go to a morning bible study at the Marriot (yes, in a hotel lobby!) every Tuesday with English speaking women from Christian Church International (CCI).  It is open to all English speakers and normally includes missionaries, spouses of Embassy or USAid workers, and Hondurans who are fluent.  The pastor's wife was away this past week, so I filled in with lesson on 'Rest' that the Lord has been teaching me.  Just two ladies, Rebekah, and I, for some teaching, some discussion, and prayer time. 

Team Impact Honduras

We had a team come June 24-July 2nd from Life! Church in Goffstown, New Hampshire.  We went and stayed with the team in Zambrano (Casa Santiago, Jimmy Hughes Ministries – JHM).  There were 9 adults and 5 teens plus our family of 6 (making a total of 20).  


     The team arrived late in San Pedro Sula airport and drove another 4 hours to Zambrano.  Kjell, Katarina, and Mikayla went for the drive there and back while Rebekah, Jeremiah, and I went to Luis’ for a women’s meeting.  It was nice to see people I haven’t seen in awhile. 


     We began work on the project (bilingual school in Zambrano):  sanding, cleaning, and washing windows.  We also sorted all the ‘goods’ (donations for the week as well as ministry items).  It was like Christmas for our family too because the team brought our family a whole bunch of stuff. (see pictures)


     We ministered at Oasis de Amor (Oasis of Love) Church (see pictures).  Pastor Abi preached a message on, ‘Lost, Found, Whole’ and had ministry time.  Jennifer gave a word to parents of not losing hope for those lost family members (their children) and to keep praying because they are coming ‘home.’  In the afternoon was a Kidz Club at the JHM Children’s Home (see pictures).  I love the way the Kidz Clubs are set up.  First, there are stations (face painting, nails, jump rope, Chinese jump rope, and games).  This helps the team members to interact with the children first.  Second, are silly songs, a lesson, games, and prizes.  We translated the ‘Go Bananas’ song into Spanish and it seemed to be a hit everywhere we went.


     AJ went to the big city (Tegucigalpa) to purchase building supplies for making desks while some worked on the school (priming and painting).  The ladies ministered to teen moms and staff (see pictures) in the morning.  Kelly, Kathi and her daughter, Eve, shared and then we had time for each mom/staff to think of what kind of mom they wanted to be.  As they spoke that out over their lives, we agreed and prayed over each one. 

     The young girls on the team played with the toddlers and even helped out with chores so the moms could go to the next session. 

     In the afternoon, we ministered to the same group plus the women residents (in the Rehabilitation Center) (see pictures).  Jennifer shared some of her testimony and Kristin shared on Beauty from Ashes.  She had created special hairclips to pass out.  Jillian prepared a time for feet washing, nail painting, and giving out of nail polish, file, and lotion.  Though the ladies were very hesitant to allow someone to touch their feet, they all were so glad that they overcame their fear or shyness!


     We took an 1 ½ hour drive into the mountains to Las Botijas for the first Kidz Club at the school (see pictures).  Once again, the kids enjoyed all the stations and activity time.  Both the message and love of Jesus were received.  We then followed missionary friends of ours (Aaron and Jennifer) to their house where we quickly ate lunch and began our 2 hour hiking journey to a remote village called Palenque (see pictures).  We were a little over halfway there when it began to rain.  It was a tough road and even tougher with the mud and rain, but we made it.  The sky cleared for the Kidz Club.  While the Kidz Club was going on, Edwin (from JHM) shared with the men and Kristin shared her message with the women (and gave out hairclips).  We were tired, but as we began the journey home, it not only began to rain, but we were in the middle of a thunder storm.  It was a gusher and the road was flowing with mud.  It is only by the grace of God that we had the strength to return to Botijas.  We got a quick snack and some coffee at Aaron and Jennifer’s house, but then had to pile back in the pick-up truck for the 1 ½ hour ride back to Zambrano!  Though people were wet, cold, and their butts hurt, they all kept a very positive attitude.  I really had no clue it was going to be that hard.


     On Wednesday morning, we ministered at the Rehabilitation Center (see pictures).  Jennifer introduced us all and Chloe (12 year old) began by sharing her favorite verse.  Jillian shared her testimony and how God is faithful to complete the work in us.  Charlotte shared on the affects of pornography on a family and how God can turn something bad into something good.  Jen shared how we can live free and in victory when we fully commit ourselves to God.  Abi shared on forgiveness and had an activity of sharing in groups on who they needed to forgive and ask forgiveness from.  AJ talked about the choices we make in life.  Kjell spoke on being determined to be found and be whole.  After taking notes, I connected this to the power of grace:  how grace is not just available for salvation, but it is the power to live.  We had a prayer time for anyone who wanted to humble themselves (admit to God that they needed help or grace in an area of their lives and ask God for help) [Admit + Ask = Humble].  The power of grace is available for God to complete the work in us, turn bad to good, help us commit our life to Him, to forgive, to make right choices, and to be determined to be found and whole.  It was a great ministry time.  We also gave out gifts (toiletry items) to each resident. 

     In the afternoon, half of the team bagged food (see pictures) for distribution on Thursday.  The team bought corn but also helped bag beans and then put a Manna pack (rice with soy), beans, and corn into a bag and eventually loaded them up in a truck.  The other half of the team began building desks and priming/painting. 


     We met up with Robyn (ER International) for a trip to El Espino (see pictures).  She goes there every Thursday to a Care Point where she hands out food.  We conducted a Kidz Club and helped distribute food.  JHM donated some clothes that we helped give away too.  Testimonies by Jacob and Kaelyn were powerful and many received prayer. 

     In the afternoon, we joined Amy’s class for babies (see pictures).  After reading a book to the children, we did a shape hunt around the room.  Then, we divided up into groups for activities (cutting play dough, reading books, blowing bubbles, and coloring with chalk).  Each activity develops a different set of skills.  After, we dropped off some medicine to a medical missionary (Bonnie) and prayed over her and her husband (Dan) (see pictures).   Then, we bought some ice cream in town that we enjoyed after dinner.


     Friday was fun day.  We shopped and ate lunch in the Valley of Angels.  Some of the team went to the Cascada (waterfall) in the rain in the afternoon (back in Zambrano).  And we said good-bye to the kids at the children’s home (as well as gave some pillow cases and blankets). 

    Five evenings during the week, I shared the Run the Race (answering the call of God) devotional.  The phrase that seemed to stick during the week was, “I’m being squeezed.”  On the last night, we had a great time sharing favorite memories from the week as well as how God worked through or in us.


     Completely exhausted, the team left at 6am for San Pedro Sula.  They checked in, paid the exit tax, and got on the plane.  Unfortunately, they missed their connecting flight in Miami and had to stay overnight.  They arrived in Boston and then in Manchester on Sunday afternoon. 

     We did not go for the ride to San Pedro Sula and back.  We delivered medicine to Luis and Mayra and put together three gift packs (toiletries and towels) for friends of ours (Leo, Maribel, and Francisco) (see pictures).  After all of our deliveries, we drove home, stopping in Teguc. for a juicy burger. 

Miscellaneous pictures


     We had some team member dreams come through this week:

  • We had our first team after being in Honduras for three years! – Fenns
  • To ride an animal.  – Abi (She rode a horse in El Espino.)
  • To go to a remote village. – Many team members
  • To ride a taxi.  – Kristin, Kelly, Kyle
  • To eat mangos. – Many team members
  • To get a picture with an armed guard.  – Charlotte and Kristin
  • For it to start sprinkling on our hike – kids (turned into a downpour!)
  • To see 14 horses (not sure if we reached this dream, but saw lots) – kids



Sanding walls (Mikayla)

Sanding walls (Rebekah, Abi)

Sanding (Jillian, Jeremiah, Diana, Kjell)

Sanding (Nick, Kyle, Kristin, Jacob, Kelly)

Washing windows (Diana, Marcy, Katarina, Kathi)

Cleaning and priming and playing...

Who says cleaning can't be fun (Chloe & Katarina)

We're not getting wet mom!  (Rebekah & Mikayla)

Kjell showing his strength (cuz Honduran wood is heavier than American wood)


Looking good with some paint (front)


Oasis de Amor Church  

Oasis de Amor Church (Pastor Glenda)

Pastor Abi (Kristi translates) on Lost, Found, Whole

Ministry time (Kyle, AJ, Kathi)

Ministry time (Jillian)

Kidz Club JHM  


Finger nails (Eve and Andrea)

Go bananas!

Peel bananas!

Staying full of God's Spirit (Jennifer, Kathi, & Kristi)

One of the twins with Katarina

Teen Moms  

Ministry to moms and staff

Eve, Kathi, and Kelly share

Praying their hearts desires

God sees every tear

Ministry to Women  

Jenn shares

Kristin shares 'To Beauty from Ashes'

Jillian organizes the time of pampering

Feet washing and nails

The ladies were hesitant at first, but loved every minute!

New hairclips (Sarah and Mercy)

Kidz Club Las Botijas  

Jennifer and Aaron, Aaron (AJ) and Jennifer

Takes awhile to try Chinese jump rope

Some are not even sure about regular jump rope

Most popular station: finger nail polish

Connecting with the boys through punch balloons and frisbee

Getting all the kids involved

Jeremiah is involved too!

Go crazy!

Kidz Club Palenque  

The hike

Just keep walking... just keep walking...

Just keep walking... rain is coming...

Jeremiah and some backpacks get a ride

The school is in sight!

Finger nails (Kristin, Jillian, & Diana)

Jumping rope with goats near by - that's a first!

Kristin shares with the ladies and gives a hairclip

Edwin shares with the men who are on the porch

A lesson explaining how Jesus connects us to God (Nick, Jacob, Rebekah, Abi, and Kristi)

The joy of gifts (Jillian)

Beanie babies good at any age

Time to walk back...

Rain on the way there and back (along with thunder storm) and then fog with the night

Door of Hope Rehabilitation Center  

Jenn shares

Abi shares

Sharing a favorite verse (Kristin)

Sharing on forgiveness (Abi)

Many share (AJ and Kjell)

All of the messages shared the theme of God's grace (Marcy)

Asking for the power of grace

(Sal and Kjell, Abi and Kathi)

Gifts for the residents (Kristin, Jillian)

Bagging Food  

Bagging beans

(Kelly, Kathi, Charlotte, Marcy)

Bagging corn (Katarina, Kaelyn, Eve)

Working in the bodega

(Kristin, Katarina, Kaelyn, Eve)

'C' is for corn, not for cookie! (Eve)

The bean does not fall far from the tree (Kelly, Kathi - Eve's mom)

Each of the 141 white bags included a bag of corn, beans, and two manna (rice) packages

Kidz Club El Espino  

Meeting on the porch of Eduviges

Face painting or arm painting (Kathi)

Face painting (Abi)

He learned how to use the balloon and then decided he was scared of me and ran to mom

Finger nail polish is not just for the kids

And not just for fingers!  Katarina paints these toe nails!

Fun for everyone

Go Bananas!   Kids and adults

Jacob shares his testimony

Kaelyn shares her testimony of healing

God's love is not like a line (with a beginning and end)

God's love is like a circle (goes on eternally)

Handing out food and clothes

Waiting in line

Toddler Class JHM  

Amy's toddler English class (the team enjoys holding the kids)

On a hunt for shapes (Kevin and Jennifer)

Cutting playdough (Kevin and AJ)

Reading books (Kristin and one of the twins)

Coloring with chalk (Mikayla and Christian)

Blowing bubbles (Abi and Andrea)

Cutting playdough (Eve, Christian, Mikayla, one of the twins, Chloe)

Spreadin' the love

JHM Children's Home and us

Handing out blankets and pillow cases (one of the twins and Mikayla)


That's a lot o stuff.  Sorting medicines, Kidz Club supplies, and misc give away items

Sorting supplies (Mikayla, Kaelyn, Katarina, Kristin)

Medicine for medical missionary Bonnie

Medicine for Honduran friends that have a pharmacy (Mayra, Kjell, Luis)

Gift packs for friends

Kjell and Leo (our old neighbor)

Maribel and Yosari

Francisco and Kjell


Jeremiah creates a tortilla spider

Marcy, Diana, and her new buddy Scortch!

Where we ate lunch most days

How we got around most days

Run the Race devotions with the team

Deep into the activity

The crew


Ministering with family

Razor Wire  

Before it is finished

Cutting the small wires (Bonnie & Marcy)

Of course it's safe!

Dan makes sure there are no gaps

Dan and Bonnie treat the workers to Baleadas

Hard to keep the wire untangled

Mikayla likes the cutters (Bonnie)

After - all sides covered now!




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