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Marcy's Journal


Team Hope

Team Florida

School Out For Summer



USA Itinerary

Teams and Teams

Team Hope (see pictures)

After the first two groups came, another group of five ladies from all different States visited.  They had a women’s conference two days in Zambrano.  Both times, they gave out donuts and soda after.  They ministered in all the mountain villages (Villa Union, El Espino, La Providencia, San Francisco).  Two of my girls jumped in the back of a truck on their trip way to San Francisco.   At the same time, a 16 year old girl (Jade), has come to Honduras for 5 weeks to serve with the Sortos.  Having all these teams, there has been a lot to help with! 

Team Florida

The same day Team Hope flew out, Team Florida arrived.  This was Luis’ pastor friend from Florida, his wife, and some youth.  They ministered in Zambrano and in the mountains.  They also helped to work with construction on a house that another team could not finish due to rain.  They also had a youth service in Zambrano.   

School Out For Summer

Kjell and Mikayla had their final days of school while we finished home school here at the house.  The kids went to Disocvery School to take a placement test.  In wanting all of our children to attend school in the fall, our first proposal for financial assistance was denied.  Praise God, after another letter and Kjell attending a meeting, it was accepted.  Two of our children will attend free in the fall and we will pay for two.  Everyone is very excited.  On the day the kids took their placement test, they also attending class with their future classmates.  Everyone was already making friends and love the school.

USA Itinerary


June 22

Drive 4 hours to San Pedro Sula, fly from Honduras to Miami

June 23

Fly from Miami to Boston, drive to New Hampshire

June 27

Southside Bible Fellowship (8:30/11am)

Manchester, NH

June 27

Revival Church 4 the Nations (1:30pm,Spanish)

Manchester, NH

June 29

Drive to Connecticut

June 30

Bethel Christian (6pm)

Bristol, CT

July 4th

Grace Life Church (10am)

Torrington, CT

July 8th

Attend ABEA Meeting (Grace Life Church)

Torrington, CT

July 9th

ABEA Ordination Meeting (Grace Life Church) (7pm)

Torrington, CT

July 10th

Drive to Pennsylvania

July 11th

Son-Rise Fellowship (10am)

Houtzdale, PA

July 18th

Household of Faith (10am)

Everett, PA

July 21/22

Drive to New Hampshire

July 25th

Life Church (10am)

Hooksett, NH

July 27

Drive to Boston, fly to Miami and then to Honduras, drive 4 hours home

July 28


Teams and teams (see pictures)

The end of May and beginning of June has been busy with teams up at New Generation (Love Without Boundaries).  First, a group of three people came from Alabama.  They were busy with women’s, men’s, and couple’s meetings, Saturday bible classes, preaching in the mountains, food give away, playing with kids, and cooking and serving spaghetti.  While they were here, some young adults came from Texas.  They helped with cooking and serving spaghetti, played with kids, preached and/or shared testimonies at the Rehabilitation Center, shared with the children in the mountains, and tried to finish a house project (helping build a house that was slowly falling apart due to the rain), but there was too much rain during the week to finish. 

    People were saved, bodies were healed, people were encouraged, and physical needs were met (such as the food that was given out).  We joined in when possible.  One day, Katarina and Rebekah went to the mountains (El Espino) in the back of a truck because we could not all fit.  My kids love being with teams. Maybe it is all the questions they are asked or the translating they get to help with or the candy and cookies they receive, or they are just enjoying the English speaking company - hmmm!


Connie and Mitch Love, Carolina Sorto

Luis Sorto and team from Texas

Sharing the word of God

Kjell and Marcy are in there - can you find them?

Sharing the love of God

Kjell handing out juice

Christian and Christopher enjoying their spaghetti

Henry and Kjell in deep discussion or not

Trying to drive out of the mud

Big Red - our ministry driving machine of a truck!

Jade sharing in song.

Team Hope with translator Bessy

Mayra, Jade, Rosalba's baby

Enjoying a donut and soda




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