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Award Ceremony (Nashville)



Some Office Help

Planning Our USA Trip

Some Office Help (see pictures)

A fellow missionary posted on facebook the need for some office help.  I thought, "that would be something I could help with!”  Her ministry gives out wheelchairs.  Each person needs a medical report (showing their need), a birth certificate or ID, and a picture of the person in the wheelchair (once they receive it). I volunteered to scan these documents and woah - I'm looking at one of two very big containers - giving my scanner rest time after every two hours! But it's fun!  

Planning Our USA Trip (Itinerary Quick Glance, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Tennessee, Pennsylvania)I figured out today that our trip to the States and back again will be at minimum of:

11 hours of flight time and

over 60 hours of driving. 

I hope this will help you understand why we would love to see everyone individually or go out to eat, but we don’t want to ‘drive’ to do it!  Therefore, please see our travel dates and locations below, mark your calendars, and drive over to see us (even if it is not your church or if our parent’s houses seem out of the way)!  Thanks for your understanding.  Be sure to get the month correct - we are in NH and CT in both JUNE and JULY! 

Itinerary Quick Glance

NH June 20-24

CT June 24-25MD June 25-26

TN June 26-29

MD June 29-30

CT June 30-July 7

PA July 7-15CT July 15-18

NH July 18-25


New Hampshire
June 20-24
June 22nd Honduras Trip Reunion BBQ 6pm
June 23rd Open House at Hebert's, Hooksett, NH (1-5pm)
June 24th

Life Church, Regal Cinemas, Hooksett, NH (10am)

Facebook Fanpage:  Life! Church

July 19-25
July 22nd

Southside Bible Fellowship, Manchester, NH (10am)

Facebook fanpage:  Southside Bible Fellowship

July 24th Iglesia Vision Misionera El Arca, Manchester, Nh (prayer service 7pm)
June 24, June 30-July 7
July 1st

Grace Life, Torrington, CT (9am Fellowship, 10am Service)

Facebook Group:  Grace Life Church

July 1st Open House at Fenn's, Barkhamsted, CT (6:30-8:30 pm)
July 4th Abundant Life Community Church, Willimantic, CT (bible study at 7pm)
July 15-18
June 25-30
June 26-29th Anchor Bay Evangelical Association (ABEA) Annual Conference


July 7-15
July 8th Son-Rise Fellowship, Houtzdale, PA (10am)
July 8th Spring Meadow Family Worship Center, New Paris, PA (6pm)
July 11th

Christ Victory Church, Manns Choice, PA (6pm)

Facebook:  Christ Victory Church

July 15th Household of Faith, Everett, PA (10am)

Award Ceremony (see pictures)

Valerie, director of Nashville school, BB-ed me (instant messaged me on her Blackberry phone) that there was going to be an awardS ceremony for the students.  I was nervous and excited to see how the 7th and 8th graders finished out their year having had three different teachers (I substitute taught for five weeks and about three more weeks during the year, they had their main teacher leave mid-year, and finished out with their current teacher).  Four of the boys from 8th grade saw me can came over singing and gave me hugs.  Unfortunately, many are taking recuperation exams – a comprehensive course exam for those who failed a class.   A student can fail during the year and if they pass they recup, they pass.      

     “Why are you here, Miss?”  they asked.    

     “To see you get awards,” I replied.    

     “We aren’t getting any awards…”  

     The 7th graders were not thrilled, although two got out of their seats to give me a hug.  You could tell it was the last day of school.  Mikayla, Rebekah, and I sat in the visitor seats and realized that all the kids receive an award for a character trait.  Then, there were the additional awards of art, music, honors, high honors, etc.  I was happy to see that two of the 7th graders received honors.  I did not see many parents, so I hope it made a difference to them that I was there. 

Some Office Help


Unstaple, restaple

That's a lot of paperwork!

Award Ceremony  

Ellen translates for Director Valeria


High honors

Teacher of the year - Miss Helen


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