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Marcy's Journal


Run the Race for World Racers II

Fellowshipping Fenns


Shakespeare Can Fix That

School Trips

Passion with Balance

5th HFMM Annual Retreat

Run the Race for World Racers II (see pictures)

Another World Race team (11 countries in 11 months) was at Zion’s Gate Ministries.   During the last week of their stay, I conducted a Run the Race Seminar for them.  There were about 25 in this group.  We were able to use the neighboring school again and there was no time conflict because school was out for Semana Santa.  Mikayla came with me as my helper.  The school gave us a different and bigger classroom to work with, but I only had one electric outlet that dangled from a wire near the entrance to the room.  So, Mikayla helped me re-set up the room. 

     Here is some of what they found most beneficial:

  • Everything was great you have such a gift and were a blessing to our group and a blessing to my life.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. 
  • It met me right where I’m at and encouraged/help motivate me to keep moving forward.  I’m thankful for the time, guidance, and clearly laid out plan (format) to allow me to better dive into what plans the Lord has for me.
  • The most beneficial statement was “I am a human Being not a human DOing.”  And then you balanced it by showing what we are to do – a balance of rest and action.
  • Beginning with who I am first then leading to our vision and mission was perfect.  I felt like the Lord really used this to bring a lot to light in my life.  This was such a blessing! 
  • Putting my dreams down on paper.  Providing direction to my life.
  • The charts and actually writing out all the dreams and finding correlation between them.
  • It wasn’t just something true being spoken – it was truth.  Truth sets you free and I felt freed up in some mindsets today simply because of the truth being spoken.
  • Reminding me to focus on dreams and where God may want to take me, just getting me to think about what my dreams are, and reminding me to spend time with God to seek them out.

Fellowshipping Fenns (see pictures)

During school breaks, I usually look for opportunities to help other ministries.  However, this time we were all about traveling and fellowshipping with missionaries.  First, on Monday, we had a going-away party for a close missionary family that will be leaving the field.  While in Zambrano, we were also able to visit with another family we know from there.  Second, on Thursday, we visited with the missionaries in Las Botijas one last time (and got three trunks full of stuff they can not bring home, such as movies and books).  Once we got out of the mountain, we decided to keep driving – this time to missionary friends in Humuya.  We stayed the night so we could go see the alfombras (carpets made of dyed sawdust) in Comayagua the next day (Friday).  While in Comayagua, we must have seen about 5 other missionary families and even a couple of other families from Discovery School (Teguc).  Saturday we rested.  Sunday we woke up early for a 7am Resurrection Sunday service followed by a fellowship brunch at the Marriot hotel. 

Shakespeare Can Fix That (see pictures)

Kjell wrote and directed a play at Discovery School called “Shakespeare Can Fix That!”  It was an awesome comedy that intertwined Kjell’s knowledge of Shakespeare and psychology.  Quotes from Shakespeare’s play were able to ‘fix’ problems such as paranoia, hypochondria, narcolepsy, and a few others.  Katarina was paranoid and thought she was a CIA operative, Mikayla was the hypochondriac (with a winter hat on and a tissue in hand), and Rebekah was the crier.  We had some missionary friends come to both the Friday and Saturday performances and they thought it was great.    

     Unfortunately, the two performances had to carry on through a cold front/wind storm.  For the first performance, they had to take down two of the tarps (curtains) on the sides of the stage.  The second performance was blowing everything off of the stage.  The ‘bathroom’ door that was supposed to be stuck shut was flying open and the tray of cookies went flying across the stage, but the ‘show went on!’ 

     After the second performance on Saturday, we had a cast party at the house.  The kids/teens enjoyed the afternoon hanging out, eating, and playing an acting game.  BEST part was sharing the gospel with a mom who came.  We actually talked about a lot - all in Spanish - from the right to bear arms, to governments, to change in Honduras, education, God and Jesus!  Her daughter kept coming over saying she was ready to leave, but the mom wanted to chat - and did so for 2 hours! 

School Trips (see pictures)

The girls decided to combine all their Christmas money to go on their class trips.  Rebekah and I went to Copan and Mikayla went to Tela.  I was in a room with three other girls from Bekah’s class.  A couple of the 6th grade families also went to Copan so I was able to get to know the teachers and a few parents better. 

     While in Copan, we visited the Mayatan Bilingual School.  One of the missionaries who is part of the Honduran Fellowship teaches there, so I was able to meet and talk with her.  Then, on the way home, I met a woman at Wendy’s and we exchanged information (since the bus was waiting to leave).  She is also an educator and had connected with Kjell before, but is really seeking direction right now.  Once she read all of our ministry information, she asked if I could mentor her.  I sent the dream chart and vision organizational charts (for mapping personal and ministry vision) and we will see if we connect via Skype or if she will be somewhere we can meet in the future.    


Passion with Balance (see pictures)

Last minute, the coordinator for the Teachers Teaching Teachers (T3) Conference, contacted Kjell to be one of the guest speakers.   Kjell was praying for opportunities to earn extra income and we were believing for money for tires for the truck (one that would need a rim as well).  This opportunity was an answer to prayer, but he still had to get there and back, stay overnight, and take Katarina and Jeremiah (since I was in Copan with Rebekah).  The school paid for the travel and hotel while the conference paid Kjell the exact amount we needed. 

     Kjell had lots of positive feedback from his keynote and was asked to present it at his school in one of the PD (professional development) days.  He also noticed an increase in hits to the Kfenn Consulting website and fanpage, so he is starting to update it more.  Hopefully this will open more doors in the future.

5th HFMM Annual Retreat (see pictures)

In March (15-17), the Honduran Fellowship held it’s 5th annual retreat.  Last year I was the speaker and did not have much time to help with logistics or talk with people.  So, this time I was free to help with name tags, coordinate and give rides (to and from the airport or bus stations), and conducted 7 surveys with missionaries.

     The first year there were 11 missionaries, the second year 30, the third year 25, the fourth year 95, and this year there were over 154 missionaries (including kids).  At one point, there was not enough room in the inn (so to speak).  That’s what happens when wanting to hold conferences in Honduras: it is hard to find a place big enough.  Sensing the Lord not wanting to turn members away, John and Adriana allowed the list to go to 150 before they cut it off.  They thought they would have rooms for couples in town, but the hotel had not finished building them (ahhhh!).  The week of the conference, the conference center called and said a neighboring ministry (Maranatha) had just had a cancellation and now there were 30 rooms available!  We were able to place all of our couples (without kids) there for lodging and meals. 

     The guest speaker was Travis Moffit of Connect Global.  His base was the story of Joseph and included the following topics:  Set Free to Dream; Set Free to Forgive; Set Free to be Ambassadors; and Set Free to Deliver Others.  I would highly recommend him and his ministry (to speak at your church) as well as to help if you are considering going on a missions trip or taking your church on a missions trip.  Connect with him now to plan a trip to Honduras in 2014. 

     This conference, and the Honduran Fellowship in general, is always a fulfilling of a dream I have had:  unity in the body of Christ.  Although we had many different denominations and non-denominations represented and many different types of ministries, we all came together for one purpose:  advance the kingdom of God in Honduras.  We had an incredible time of prayer that showed each missionary’s heart and love for Honduras.  Also, I loved to see all the connecting that takes place during the conference.  Missionaries found answers to how to run a children’s home (through an IHNFA presentation and then going to a missionary’s children’s home after the retreat for a night); how to start an NGO in the country; received information on group health insurance; etc. 

     As a result, two new Facebook pages were created:  Couples Connection (for couples who have not had kids or their kids are no longer in the house/Honduras) and Singles Support.  These two groups of people really have different needs than families on the mission field.  Pray as we find people to run these pages (locating needs, encouraging, praying, creating events, etc.). 

Shakespeare Can Fix That  

The stage

Opening remarks by writer and director, Kjell Fenn

The janitors cleaning the room for group

(Mikayla) and Frank (Rebekah)

Jane (Katarina) being paranoid

Don't make Frank cry!

Opening remarks at the windy matinee.

Janitors discussing Shakespeare and song lyrics

Oh Frank (Rebekah)!

Oh Jane (Katarina)!

I see someone behind the couch!

"So and so... you have no power over me!"

Everyone is assigned a Shakespeare play to act out.

"You mean she didn't kill everyone?"

'You mean she's the counselor, not a spy?'

Shakespeare can fix that!

School Trips  

The bus ride with excited 6th graders

Hotel in Copan

Pool down the road

Copan Ruins

Asking the tour guide lots of questions

Letters mean the monument is complete, numbers mean it is incomplete. 

The Mayan residential area

Each new king built on top of the last so there are layers of history.

Rebekah standing on history

Me and Rebekah

Old fort and museum

Casa K'nich Museum

Mayan Calendar, Math, and Counting

The girls on the lookout for enemies.

Visiting the Mayatan Bilingual School

Visiting the Macaw Mountain Bird Park

Country bird

Noisy birds (donated because they make too much noise)

Not too sure how safe this is!

6th Grade Class (Rebekah on right)

Passion With Balance  

Teachers Teaching Teachers (T3) Conference

5th HFMM Retreat  

Villas de Valle

Welcome sign


Our room/cabin

Maranatha (where the couples stayed)

Rooms at Maranatha

John and Adriana Mattica (Pres & Sec) of HFMM

Guest speaker Travis Moffitt

Worship team

That's a lot of missionaries!

Praying for Honduras

Praying for Honduras

Kid's artwork

Kids singing

Jeremiah in the kid's skit


A picture of unity in the body of Christ!

Run the Race for World Racers II  

Rebekah gets the materials ready

And the candy which is a big hit.

Zion's Gate Ministries

See all the tents? That's really roughing it.

Session 1:  Answering the Call

Session 1

Motivational Gifts Activity

Name Tent Activity (two characteristics of WHO you are)

Name Tent Activity

Dream Chart

With unlimited resources, I would... because...

Organizational Chart

What brings you the greatest joy?

What area are you attacked in?


I have finished the course (race)...

Fellowshipping Fenns  

The road to Las Botijas with Flat Jer

Las Botijas

Fenns and Zells on Matt's b-day

The Fenns fall asleep during Matt's birthday speech.

Alfombras (carpets made of dyed sawdust)


50th Anniversary for alfombras

Mik, Kat, Marcy, Kjell

Jer and Bek

Making an alfombra

I want a nice picture, so I had to climb the ladder



Answer the Call Ministries

ATC Ministries

Answer the Call




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