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Church in Town

We visited a church in town on Honduran Labor Day (May 1st or May day).  They had a special service in which they invited people from the community to come.  They recognized and said thanks to the people who clean the community by giving them a bible, donut, and soda.  This church has only been in Santa Lucia for 2 years, but they have a medical clinic, 5-day clubs for kids, as well as regular services.  The pastor is from Ireland and has ministry in Tegucigalpa, El Hatillo, and now Santa Lucia.   


About the Community

Rebekah and Jeremiah were invited to a special 5-day club in Tegucigalpa one Saturday.  While they were playing I talked with the pastor about Santa Lucia to find out what the community is like.  As we suspected, it is a tourist town.  So, you have your store owners (restaurants, pulperia, ice cream, etc.).  However, we did not know about the government, other churches, and difficulty reaching children. 

     In government, the person who is now in office, governor/mayor, promised jobs to people that are from Tegucigalpa.  So, a bus load of workers come in from Tegucigalpa to work in Santa Lucia and a bus load of workers leave Santa Lucia to go to Tegucigalpa to work.  This will be an area of prayer – since the residents of Santa Lucia should be able to find work in Santa Lucia.

     Pray for God to set someone in authority that will employ the people of Santa Lucia and that the people will prove to be hard-working and full of integrity. 

     There is a Catholic church in town with a Baptist church down the road to the left and a charismatic church down the road to the right.  There is a Seventh Day Adventist church directly across the street from our house (near the entrance to the town) and another Pentecostal church down the road from that.  The charismatic/Pentecostal churches may number 15 different ones at this point.  I was excited that it might be home church or cell groups, but I was informed it has been splits! 

     Pray that God draw hearts to Himself, not religion.

     Children’s ministry is huge in Honduras.  Usually, you start playing with kids and you have a crowd.  However, the pastor in town has had a difficulty in reaching the kids in Santa Lucia.  He found out that a 50-year-old, white woman was in Santa Lucia for a time child trafficking.  I’m not really sure what that means, but it has made the community hesitant to send their children to different programs.  For example, Zambrano and Santa Lucia are about the same size (population and amount of children).  However, in Zambrano, ministry with children is 200+ kids and in Santa Lucia ministry with children is 15. 

     Pray that people will get to know us and trust us. 


School Activities (see pictures)

Now that we live closer, there are so many school activities to attend!  There was an Art Exhibit and Board Meeting on a Friday night.  All of the kids had artwork on display.   The Discovery School Choir was invited to sing live on Channel 10 for a Mother’s Day Special.  Katarina and Mikayla have participated in the school choir, which has their own CD, and now have experienced being on TV! 

     Kjell is working on his first ever Chronicles of Discovery Literary and Art Magazine for high school students.  The official award ceremony will be Friday, May 20th. 

     We have two big graduations this year (June 3rd):  Jeremiah from Kindergarten and Mikayla from 6th grade.  There will be caps and gowns, ceremony, pictures, and parties.  In fact, Mikayla has to recite the Honduran national anthem as well as answer questions (all in Spanish) next Thursday (19th).    

Discovery School Gala (see pictures)

This year, Kjell did something new.  He wanted a platform for his student’s works to be read by other people.  The Art department already had an Art exhibit night and it seemed like a good fit to combine the two into a new publication, Chronicles Discovery (named by Kjell and his students).  They began to plan a ‘Gala’ to be held at Museo del Hombre.    Students received announcement scrolls if their work was entered into the magazine and awards were created (literally – Kjell found different pieces at a hardware store, glued them together, and spray painted them). 

     Last Friday, the night Kjell's opening remarks, followed by students from the AP class awarding other students with the Chronicle Award, just like the Oscars.  The the Discovery Choir sang two songs (which included Katarina and Mikayla).  It was a black tie event and the students really helped to pull everything together.  People, from the director of Discovery school to the parents and board, were impressed by the event.  I am sure each year will be bigger and better.


Mikayla Passes! (see pictures)

Both 6th grade and Kindergarten graduations are a big event in Honduras.  However, with the 6h grade and 12th grade classes, an ‘extra’ Spanish History exam is required by the country.  This includes the memorization of the Honduran Anthem, which is the second longest in the world.  The United States Anthem has more than one verse, but we only sing one.  The Honduran Anthem has seven verses and they sing every single one of them, including the chorus after each verse.  Then, there is a booklet of 100 Honduras history questions (about the flag, country emblem, history, meanings, etc.).  Did I mention this is all in Spanish?  This is all in Spanish.

     The exam is a half day ceremony of sorts.  The flag is presented, students from other countries sing their anthem (Mikayla and her classmate, Sam, sang the American anthem), and the Honduran anthem is sung by all as judges move in and about to listen to each person.  This is followed by the written exam.  After only a short break, each student is called in individually for an oral exam.  When everyone finishes their oral exam and grades are tallied, everyone returns to the room to announce grades in front of everyone!  Mikayla received a 91 and was 4th in her class! 

School Activities  

Katarina's Art (age 13)

Mikayla's Art (age 12)

Rebekah's Art (age 9)

Jeremiah's Art (age 6)

Mikayla and Katarina

Discovery Choir going on Channel 10

Getting ready before going on LIVE!

Time to go in...

We're on TV!

Great job!

Discovery School Gala  

Set up (Katarina and Mikayla help)


Awards are ready

The Chronicles Award


Ready to begin

Take your places


Students run the show

Chronicles of Discovery Publication

Mikayla Passes!  

6th Grade Class (Mikayla on left)

Honduran National Anthem on recorder (Mikayla on right)

Mikayla and Sam sing the American Anthem

Mikayla conducts one verse of anthem

Singing the Honduran Anthem (Mikayla on right)

Oral exam




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