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Marcy's Journal



Math Olympics

Katarina’s Quinceañera

Math Olympics (see pictures)

Mikayla went to La Ceiba for ABSH Math Olympics (Associated Bilingual Schools of Honduras).  By grade level, each group took a 2 hour test.  They are allowed to talk to the people in their group.  Each student has their own test, but they hand in one answer sheet per grade.  Her grade (7th) received a ‘Superior’ score (highest is ‘Superior Perfect’).  Three other grades from Discovery School received Superior and one received Excellent.  Overall, the school came in 5th place out of 40 schools (international and bilingual schools).   

Katarina’s Quinceañera (see pictures)

I planned and hosted my first ever quinceañera.  Katarina turned 15!  We had a mix of school and youth group kids.  A quinceañera signifies leaving childhood and entering adulthood. We borrowed the traditions we liked (walking down isle, placing of flowers, message, testimony, changing of shoes, placing of the tiara, toast, dance with the father) and made it our own Quinceañera Gringa style (white people style). The theme was a Masquerade.  The message was ‘Remove the Mask’ (by Kjell) and Katarina gave her testimony. The neighbor, our landlord, donated flowers, a fruit tray, and a chocolate tray!  A nearby hotel allowed me to borrow chairs. It was a great time.

Math Olympics

At the hotel

Mikayla's 7th Grade team - looking a little nervous!

Mikayla, Alejandro, Valeria

Katarina's Quinceañera

Marcy, Katarina, Kjell

Message:  Removing the Mask

Katarina sharing her testimony

Changing of Shoes

A princess of God (Katarina and Marcy)

Katarina's tiara

Dance with dad (Sleeping Beauty Waltz)

Katarina's mask (that she removed!)

CCI Youth girls:  Lydia, Angelica, Kat, Ali, Mikayla, Lily

Discovery School friends

Lady Rebekah

Lord Jeremiah and Lady Mikayla


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