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Member Care to the Honduran Fellowship

Hospital Visits

Hiring, Building Up, and Firing Staff


Member Care to the Honduran Fellowship (pictures)

So, after sharing Member Care with the Honduran Fellowship, we began scheduling meetings to get the office organized.  We have created job descriptions and procedures and now have titles:  Executive Director (John); Human Resource Director (John), Public Relations and Event Coordinator (Adriana), Communication and Data Coordinator (Melodee), Director of Member Care (me- which was already in place, but wasn’t the job I was actually doing), and a full time Honduran employee that will be the Executive Assistant (Alejandro).  We are now moving on to policies and contingency plans.  This will help the Honduran Fellowship determine if more staff is needed.  As you can see, people are doing more than one job.  This is really helping me create PowerPoints presentations that can later be used for other missionaries and ministries. 

     For my part, Director of Member Care, creating procedures is a little more complicated because I have to create the program.  I am looking through all my course material and books and talking with other missionaries in member care (as we sort through this together) so that I can create debriefing forms (leaving field and crisis); assessments; and trainings. 

Hospital Visits (pictures)

I found out that a missionary family was at a hospital in Tegucigalpa with their two daughters:  one, who was having a rope swing injury of 23 stitches checked, while there other daughter was being admitted to find out what was wrong (symptoms of numbness, eye problems, and bruising on her leg).  I brought over some waters and donuts and chatted with the mom for a couple of hours.  After a day full of testing, the daughter is being treated for lymes disease as well as being monitored for MS. 

     The second hospital visit was for a missionary who went into diabetic shock when involved in an accident (watched a motorcycle crash).  Through a series of hurtles, a lawyer and a missionary friend helped them avoid charges, pay expenses, and get their impounded truck out. 

Hiring, Building Up, and Firing Staff (pictures)

Part of my job as Director of Member Care is Prevention.  Prevention for me is mostly about training or teaching.  People die in the areas they lack knowledge.  One area missionaries struggle with is working with Honduran employees or staff.  Some is cultural adjustment, but our speaker, Francisco, made it clear that there are a lot of other reasons.  Francisco explained how to say long hellos (such as taking time to get to know someone before hiring them as well as some do’s and don’ts to hiring).  He also explained how building your team was important (such as creating a healthy culture).  He shared why and how to fire or let employees/staff go as well.  Missionaries were so grateful to learn this information.  Pray as they work to implement what they have learned.   


Member Care to the Honduran Fellowship  

Hospital Visits  
Hiring, Building Up, and Firing Staff  

Make Your Hellos Long

Build Up Your Team

You Get What You Tolerate

Make Your Goodbyes Short

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