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Early Thanksgiving



Political Pact

New Hampshire Continued



Connecticut Continued

Early Thanksgiving

We were invited to enjoy an early Thanksgiving dinner yesterday (Sunday) at a missionary friend’s house in Comayagua.  The girls went swimming, the guys watched football, and then we ate some turkey – yum! 

Political Pact

A couple of weeks ago ex-President Zelaya and president Michelleti had talks to work on a pact that each could sign to restore peace and have the upcoming elections recognized by the world.  Negotiations took a few weeks and finally both parties signed the pact (Michelleti signing reluctantly).  The pact was then sent to Congress to be voted on.  Thank God Congress voted against the pact.  And the great thing is that the United States will recognize the upcoming election. 

     This has taken Zelaya by surprise, although everyone knows that it would not have been wise to restore him to power.  The battle should all be over.  It’s a done deal.  The pact was voted against, the upcoming elections will be recognized, that’s it.  However, Zelaya and a few are still rising up against the decision (which will go against the pact he signed). 

     Please pray for peace and safety, protection of ballots, correct counting and representation of and by the people of Honduras, for the next president (for democracy), and this transition. 

New Hampshire Continued

On Thursday, we travelled from CT back to NH.  Friday was spent with Grandma who took the day off work.  Saturday was lunch with family.  Then, my niece came over to play and sleep over.  Sunday we were double booked!  Katarina and I drove to Newport (about 1 hour from Manchester) to Faith Chapel Church.  We were there early and set up a missionary table during Sunday School.  Then, the whole service was missions focused.  There was a presentation on Operation Shoebox, a ministry that collects shoeboxes filled with gifts for Christmas (shipped all over the world), and then we shared on Honduras. 

     We had to leave Faith Chapel right after the service to make it back to Manchester for a 1:30pm service at Revival Church for the Nations.   I felt like I was right back in Honduras because this is a Spanish church.  I met four people in Manchester that are from Honduras!  I think the general ‘feel’ was that people were in shock that I was born here and grew up here and I left to go to Honduras.  And these people left their countries to come to the USA.   

     Monday and Tuesday were days spent shopping, packing, and catching up on my photo albums.  Then, we flew from Boston to San Pedro Sula on Wednesday.  We got in late, so we stayed overnight and then made the journey back home to Zambrano. 


November 1st

Household of Faith 10am service


November 1st

Son-Rise Fellowship 6pm service


November 2nd

Travel from PA to Connecticut


November 2—5



November 5th

Travel from CT to NH


November 8th

Faith Chapel 10:45am

  November 8th World Revival Church 1:30 pm (Spanish)

November 5—11

New Hampshire


November 11

Travel from NH to Honduras


Last Saturday a friend, Julie, and I started a 6 or so hour drive to Everett, Pennsylvania.  The kids were done travelling so they had fun with grandparents and friends of ours for the weekend.  We had a great time of prayer for the next day and I enjoyed the water pressure, hot water, and bath.      

     Sunday morning we went to Household of Faith.  We were able to join into a prayer meeting before the service.  Then I was asked if I play piano.  “Sort of,” was my reply and we were invited to do a few worship songs.    I looked through some songs I brought, but it was not sounding too great during rehearsal.  But when we came up to do songs after worshipping to Cd’s, it sounded completely different.  It was like God put His ‘super’ on our natural.  Hmm…       

     When we were done, Pastor Rick, turned to me and said, “That is your keyboard.  You need to take it when you leave.”  WOW!  My keyboard died a long time ago and I was believing God for a new one.  Praise God!  I believe I can bring an instrument on the plane and check it in each flight, but I will have Kjell bring it back for me in December (me and three children, verses Kjell and one child).  I am so excited to have a keyboard again.    

     I didn’t take much time to talk about Honduras and got right into the message because there is someone in the church, Holly, whose ministry it is to keep the church up to date on their missionaries.  They know the political situation, recent prayer requests, and about us.  I loved reading about the other missionaries they support as well.  All their recent information was up on the bulletin board.      

     After a wonderful lunch and fellowship, Julie and I drove 1 ½ hours north near Houtzdale.  We checked in the hotel, grabbed a caffeinated drink and snack, and went to Son-Rise Fellowship.  After a fun worship time and service, we enjoyed a time of fellowship with everyone.  They had left over goodies from a Harvest party the day before (pumpkin bread, chocolate zucchini bread with peanut butter – I’m waiting for the recipe to that one, banana bread, etc.).      

     On Monday, we drove back to Connecticut. 

Connecticut Continued

Wednesday night I went to Bethel Christian Center in Bristol, CT with Katarina and her friend.  I was to share the Honduras presentation and Katarina was invited to share in Children’s Church.  However, I did not know anyone there!  The Pastor and his wife were at the hospital.  Please keep Pastor Howard and Linda Renker in your prayers.  Linda went into the hospital that morning for her heart.      

     I have been enjoying worshipping the whole time I have been back – just for the corporate worship in the English language.  It’s amazing how much that can be missed.  I shared on Honduras, they prayed over me, the associate pastor shared a brief message, and then we prayed for the Renker family. 

     Katarina enjoyed sharing in Children’s Church.  I could hear when they got to game time because they were jumping down the hallway as we prayed (but not too loud).  In fact some of the children were playing with Katarina and her friend long after the service had ended. 





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