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Catracha Fair



After School Activities

Clocks and more clocks

Catracha Fair (see pictures)

Before I was finished substitute teaching at Nashville School, each grade was getting ready for the Catracha Fair.  A Catracha is a name for a female Honduran just like Gringo is the name for White person.  So, the Catracha Fair celebrates all the different departments (which are like counties) and cultures in Honduras.  Each grade, some of them combined, were in a healthy competition to create the best representation of the department they chose.  This included native clothing, food, relics, and not only information, but the ability to answer questions about the department on the spot.       It was great to see the 7th and 8th graders and help with a 5th grade booth.  In fact, they had spray painted rocks to look like gold and silver and they were selling by the end of the day.  It was a great way to learn as well as raise money for the school (for a new printer and cement walk ways).  Let’s see – I ate an enchilada from Francisco Morazán, a pastelito de piña (pineapple pastry) from Santa Barbara, and tajaditas with chismole (fried plantain chips with salsa) from Colon – all from the Valley of Angels.       I tried to help with clean up, but none of the guys would let me roll or carry tables (Hello!  Don’t they know I’m a Hebert!).    So, I went in a classroom and chatted with some teachers before I left.   

After School Activities (see pictures)

Things have been busy at Discovery school as well.  After school activities began and I have two daughters who are in choir two times a week.  Kjell started drama, a one act play, a comedy (see it here ).  It’s the first time Discovery School has ever done one.  There are around 20 students involved (including Katarina).  They will also be building a new stage (since there is no auditorium, just an outside covered gym area) (see pictures below). 

  • Buy A Piece of the Stage!
    Help us build the new stage by buying a piece of it. Below is a list of the “pieces” or materials we need to construct the stage and curtains and lighting. If everyone buys one piece, the whole thing gets done easily. Like my dad used to tell me, “Many hands make light work.” Please note in your donation “For Discovery School Stage” (in addition to Fenn/Honduras). 


Total Quantity Needed

Approximate Cost each in Lempiras (dollars)

Bag of cement


L150 ($8)

Sheet of plywood (3/4”)


L780 ($41)

Sheet of plywood (1/2”)


L580 ($30)

Board (8’x2”x4”)


L110 ($6)

Board (12’x2”x4”)


L160 ($8)

Hardware (nails, screws, brackets, etc)


L100 ($5)

Heavy Duty Tarp (6 oz) 10 X 12


L380 ($20)

Cable (wire rope) (30ft)


L190 ($10)

Wire rope cutter


L475 ($25)



L40 ($2)

Clocks and More Clocks (see pictures)Thanks to you, our monthly supporters, I was able to take some of my paycheck from substitute teaching and return it back to the school in the form of clocks!  When I taught, I would bring my portable digital clock with me from class to class.  Sometimes we would hear the bell ring (to notify us of class start and ending) and sometimes we wouldn’t.  I relied on my clock during class (to pace class time) and when we didn’t hear the bell.  I bought 14 clocks (for classrooms and offices).       When we had a Monday holiday, I brought Kjell and the kids with me to Nashville School – Valley.  Kjell hung up all the clocks while the kids played on the tire swings and playground.  Back at the store, the sales attendant opened all the clocks and tested them with a battery (because they cannot be returned) and the owner gave me a 10% discount.  I’m believing that the clocks will be a blessing to the teachers, will function correctly, batteries will last long, and they will not get broken. 

     What time is it?  Clock time. 

Clocks and More Clocks  

14 Clocks!

Busted - standing on the table

Let's see how long the battery lasts!

Discovery School Stage  
Catracha Fair  

This little girl counted to 10 in English - looking at the numbers on her department's board.

Answering questions about their department and later selling their 'gold' (4th and 5th Grade)

Santa Barbara (2nd Grade)

Copan (7th Grade)

Getting ready for the judges (7th Grade)

Colon (6th and 8th Grade)

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