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Marcy's Journal


Special at CCI

Cultural Adjustment Talk II

One Day Missionary Retreat

Los Encinitos Trip 4

Special at CCI (pictures)

A missionary friend and Pastor’s wife of CCI asked Katarina and Mikayla to do a special song one Sunday in church, ‘Like An Avalanche’ by Hillsong.   I was working through the harmony with Mik when I thought about having another missionary, Beverly, join us with sign language.  Interestingly enough, there were many versions of the song online in American Sign Language and then I decided to look up dances and found many of those too.  So, Mikayla liked and learned one of the dances and I took her part on harmony.  It was neat to have singing, dance, and sign.  Video here

Cultural Adjustment Talk II (pictures)

On Wednesday I gave a Cultural Adjustment talk on the differences in cultural values with examples, skills for adjusting, emotions we feel, understanding, recognizing, and working through culture shock, what to do to help oneself, and a homework assignment.  It was great! Here is what missionaries are saying:

  • Marcy, thanks so much for your time and investment this morning. The Cultural Adjustment Talk it's a must! Lots to reflect on. I learned a lot today. Thanks again!” – Francisco
  • This was a great time today and I agree that I learned a lot as well!” – Amy
  • Thanks also from me! Your insights & wonderful information will help my wife & I - and hopefully the wonderful Hondurans we serve with! Blessings to you!” – Pat

One Day Missionary Retreat (pictures)

The Honduran Fellowship and Schools of Hope (missionary friends Randy and Judy Lundrigan) hosted a one day missionary retreat on ‘Standing Strong in the Faith.’  I was asked to sing on the worship team and lead one game in the afternoon.  The speaker was Chuck Price of Reapers in the Rain International (Facebook and Website).  Youth pastor and singer, Steve Watkins, joined us on guitar for worship and sang a special song.  He gave me one of his original worship Cd after and I wished he had shared one of his songs during the conference!  Topics covered ranged from avoiding moral failure and burn-out to balancing marriage, family, and ministry.  In fact the last topic changed spontaneously to be on fundraising.    

     A missionary friend suggested I do a game called, ‘Cultural Adjustment – Most Embarrassing Moments.’  Between this game and some others, we were almost on the floor laughing at the silly mistakes we have made.  Missionaries were very blessed and grateful for this day.  Some of which do not have the opportunity to worship or hear the word of God in English nor fellowship with other English-speaking missionaries. 

Los Encinitos Trip 4 (pictures)

It’s that time of year where Discovery School looks for chaperones and students to translate on the brigades that come through Cape Cares.  We also have a new school guidance counselor, so I tried to help with information to relay to the students and parents (brochure I created last year, dates of this year’s trips, how to ask students, etc.).  There were students that wanted to go, but their grades were too low to miss a week of school, there were parents that wouldn’t allow students to go, and so it ended up just being Mikayla and me on this trip.  I was very grateful that there were quite a few bilingual volunteers coming from the States, but as it turned out, I was still needed to translate.  After a couple of hard days translating, I asked Mikayla if she would trade places with me (Mikayla translating for the doctor and me going with the pediatrician).  It was a lot easier after that and God blessed us with a slow last day that ended early. 

     It was great to reconnect with team members I have spent time with on the last couple of trips.  Since it was my third time, I was asked many questions about how exactly I came to Honduras, what exactly I do, and some cultural difference questions.  I was able to tell stories of other missionaries as well my own. 

     One of Mikayla’s school assignments (Spanish Social Studies) was to make a presentation on families that attended the brigade.  This was a great opportunity to also show her classmates about the trips as I encourage the school to show 9th-12th graders and their parents what these brigades can mean for their kids (not only leaving the comforts of the city and experiencing how other Hondurans live, but also guiding what a child may or may not want to do in life such as dentist or doctor and providing volunteer experiences to put on college applications).

     In total, we helped around approximately 750 people.  450 people passed through medical (between the 3 doctors) and a little under 300 through dental.  Mikayla was able to help translate in dental the last afternoon when we were done in medical.   

     The highlights for me were:

  • Praying with a woman who was battling depression and was not eating or sleeping.  Her brother died a year ago and her mom died three months after him.  After I prayed, I also encouraged her to find a pastor she could talk to.
  • Seeing the baby and family that we rushed to the hospital last year and knowing they are all in good health.
  • Sharing the CHRISTmas story with a team member who did not know who the wise men were.  Of course I had to back up to Adam and Eve briefly, then go to Jesus birth, and then end at Resurrection Sunday.
Special at CCI




'Like an Avalanche'

Cultural Adjustment Talk II

Picking the top 3 skills for cultural adjustment

Writing emotions felt in a story

After class is done, people stay after to continue talking about the cultural adjustment curve

One Day Missionary Retreat

Helping with worship


Chuck Price and Steve Watkins

What an awesome group of missionaries

Los Encinitos Trip 4

Ready or not... we're going to translate!

Mosquito netting for over our beds really worked!


A new friend

The baby from last year is healthy!

Hanging with the kiddos

Having fun

Last day

See the complete photo album on facebook: Los Encinitos


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