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La Ceiba Update

Supernatural Protection

New President of Town Council  


Road Out

Stay Or Go

A Car

Language School



Road Out (see picture)

The school year has had an interesting start.  A main road is out due to rain.  The best way I could describe it would be if I-95 was out between two major cities and there were no other roads to get there.  There is this one path, called the anillo (ring) because it is supposed to ring around the city, but the road was never finished years ago.  So, there are dirt parts and paved parts with overgrown brush as well as mud and rock piles from mud slides.  Good news:  they improved that road a bit.  Bad news:  main road is still out.  

    Areas of road have been washed out (people have died), homes have fallen in (people have died), sickness and disease has been attacking (people have died), but has not come near us – praise God for His protection (Psalms 91). 

Stay or Go

The 1 ½ hour drive to school and sometimes 2 ½ hours home has made us consider a move to the capital city of Tegucigalpa (or a town right outside of it, but closer to the school).   We are currently praying and checking out our options.    

A Car (see picture)

After much prayer and praise – we have a car!  In fact, God brought it to us.  Kjell wanted a car to go to and from the city (to save on gas and wear and tear on the truck).  A man was selling his car, which he called a ‘blessing’, because he was only selling to our mechanic at a low price.  Our mechanic thought of us, called Kjell and said, “I have your car.”  Kjell was so confident, he transferred the money to the mechanic’s account before he even saw the car.  It really is a blessing. 

Language School

Missionary friends of mine mentioned they were going to Language School for two weeks in La Ceiba (about 7 hours away).  I realized that I might be able to catch a ride, since all of the kids go with Kjell to school.  I will be gone from September 5th – 18th.  The school includes one on one instruction in Spanish for 4 hours a day (in the morning), home stay and meals (with Honduran family), orientation, tour of city, and materials.   


Playground (see pictures)

One thing that happens up at the property (New Generation/bible classes on Saturday afternoons) is that there are so many little kids.  They have jump ropes, frisbees, little soccer balls and little goals, but the older kids get the big balls and cancha (cement field) to play soccer.  Also, when the little children are done with bible class, they come in to the adult class and talk to mom (which is an interruption) or have their snack opened.  However, a dream that has been in Luis’ heart for years, has partially come to pass this week.  A playground was started for those little kids.  It has see-saws and will have many swings.  There are plans for different types of swings, I will have to take more pictures when those are finished being built.

La Ceiba Update (see pictures)

My two weeks at language school was great.  It was easier to be in school and be totally immersed in the language and culture at the same time.  I think I went to five church services in two weeks (most with my host family, one with another family).  One service was a woman’s bible study and I was able to share a bit in Spanish.  Some of the Spanish lessons cleared up and solidified some things I had covered before, but was messing up.  Some of the lessons entered into new tenses of the verbs.  By the end of the two weeks my brain was done.  I entered school with a 60% and left with a 92% on the same test.  Now, the key is to speak it and understand it when it is spoken.  Now, I am at the point where I have some memorizing to do. 

Supernatural Protection

I thank God that He gives His angels charge over us to protect us in all His ways (Psalm 91).  The day before I returned to Zambrano, from La Ceiba, the minister of transportation in La Ceiba was shot.  As we entered Zambrano, a man had been short 36 times at the gas station.  I have since learned that some outsiders have infiltrated Zambrano and within 3 weeks, there have been murders, an attempted rape, two attempted kidnappings, and a robbery.  One man, in a wheel chair who sold shoes, was shot.  I found out later he was running the drug operation in Zambrano.  A 15 year old girl was killed.  An armed robbery took place to the town secretary.  Both kidnapping attempts were both grade school aged girls (one near the school behind my house, the other near a store).   Both times, the man was on a motorcycle with a pistol.  Then, just last night, two more men were killed.  I think a group of men were drinking, one shot another, and one ran away.  They were afraid the one running away would testify against them, so they chased him down and shot him too. 

     Continue to pray for protection, the unrighteous would receive Jesus and have a complete life change, people would see the value of life, and the righteous would be in authority. 


New President of Town Council

Zambrano had its elections for a new town council, including the cabinet members, on Sunday.  This is called a patrinato.  The former president was a thief who stole money, resources and, worst, hope.  The townspeople had been very upset with recent happenings in Zambrano, specifically regarding the leadership (or lack of).  A friend, and English class student, Omar, who is a man of integrity and honesty.  He is an upstanding, well-liked, well-respected business man, leader in the church (Catholic).  His popularity has sparked hope and excitement in the town.  On Saturday night, prior to the elections, a caravan of honking trucks filled with yelling and shouting people drove though town, passing our house.  I stood on my porch, after finding out it was in support of Omar, and yelled, chanted, whistled, and screamed.  Monday morning, the town of Zambrano has a new president of the patrinato and hope of a blessed future. Keep him in prayer. 


The main road in Tegucigalpa

2002 Nissan 'Blessing' Sentra

See-saw time

Bekah waiting for a playmate

The one swing so far


La Ceiba Pictures

Language School in La Ceiba

Gabby and Diego (my host family)





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