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Prayer Walking Santa Lucia

Upcoming Seminar

Working in the HFMM Office


Independence Day Activities

Three Helpers


Independence Day Activities (see pictures)

     This year I was able to go to the school and enjoy the Independence Day activities at Discovery school.  Each grade performed something:  whether a song, a part of the anthem acted out, or a dance.  Katarina and Mikayla’s class reinacted a part of the anthem and Rebekah’s class recited part of Honduran history (in Spanish).  Jeremiah’s class organized games for after the presentations.  Students had a ‘Honduran’ breakfast that morning and were able to enjoy learning about or remembering their heritage. 

     We had a hard time deciding what to do for Independence Day here in Honduras (September 15th).  We almost visited friends in Zambrano and thought about going to the parade in Santa Lucia, but we ended up at the parade in Valley of Angels.  Last year I was teaching at Nashville school, helped the kids learn xylophone, and walked with them in parade.  This year, I was able to reconnect and greet them as they waited to being and then sit on the side lines with the family and enjoy the whole parade.  


Three Helpers (see pictures)

I told a missionary friend (from World Gospel Outreach) that if they were short on help, to let me know for weekends, school holidays, etc. so we could help.  Honduran Independence Day came up and sure enough the kids had a Friday and a Monday off of school.   

     I was preparing for Roatan, so we made arrangements for the three girls to go out to El Hatillo (a town outside of Tegucigalpa).  They spent the day in the supply/storage room.  Katarina and Mikayla sorted medicines in bags and labeled them for brigades and Rebekah sorted all the toothbrush/toiletry items into bins by category.   

Monthly Email

We have started something new – a monthly Praise and Prayer Report through email.  If you did not receive an email in August, please contact me at (type 'monthly report' in the subject area) and I will add you to the list.  Lots of addresses were ‘undeliverable’ and bounced back to us!


Prayer Walking Santa Lucia (see pictures - coming soon!)

I started prayer walking in Santa Lucia once a week.  Right now, I am walking, praying, and collecting information (churches, points of interest, history of town).  I have a burden for unity in the body of Christ and will just pray until I know the next step. 

     The first week, I also walked to the Spanish school in town, talking with the secretary, gathering information for missionaries who need language school, and making a good contact for hiring translators when we have teams. 


Upcoming Seminar

I will be traveling to Roatan (September 20-25) to conduct a ‘Run the Race’ Seminar (21st-22nd) and meet with missionaries and their ministries.  Roatan is an island off the coast of Honduras.  It is composed of three people groups:  islanders (black people who speak an ‘island’ English); Garifuna (black people who speak their own language, Garifuna and possibly Spanish); and Hondurans (brown and white people who speak Spanish and are considered ‘outsiders’).  In each group, due to bilingual schools, I’m sure there are quite a few people who speak English. 

     This being the case, the seminar that is for English speaking missionaries has now been opened up to any English speaking leaders (business owners, pastors, teachers, etc.).  So, I’m not really sure what to expect.  I have already been reworking the seminar to include some suggestions from my last reviews and now I need to open it up even more to include each member of my audience.

     Praise God that the date and place is confirmed, I’m staying at a missionary’s bunkhouse, an Evite is out, flyers are out, and the flight is booked.  Please pray for:

  • Funds $500-$600 (includes airfare, stay, meals, seminar materials, lunch for attendees)
  • Preparations (travel arrangements, facility, seminar materials, contacting missionaries, business owners, teachers, etc., registration, meals)
  • Helpers (children’s ministry, administration)

See the new 'Events' page

Working in the Office of HFMM

On Thursdays, I started going to John and Adriana Mattica’s (John is the director of HFMM) house to help in the office of the Honduran Fellowship of Missionaries and Ministries.  Right now, the office is located in their house, but they are looking for office space in the city.  It was amazing to see how much work needs to be done and have my brain go in overdrive on how to make it easier.  So, we began with figuring out the process of everything that needs to happen when a missionary becomes a member.  From there, I knew what I had to do when I got home:  create a front office manual.  The procedures for the new members led into the procedures for the fanpage and so on.  Eventually, it will have to include procedures for residency as well. 

     Even better than organizing, it is great to get together to talk about the fellowship:  what we can improve, how to help missionaries, future plans, and even hear testimonies.  One testimony Adriana shared with me is that by the Honduran Fellowship helping a missionary obtain residency, the missionaries were able to buy a vehicle!  How?  No more travel costs (without residency a missionary has to leave Honduras every 90 days – two countries over – for 72 hours – which can be expensive and time consuming).  This was also a ‘praise’ for the missionary leaving the country who needed to sell the vehicle they bought!

Independence Day

Discovery School Celebrations

The forming of Honduras

Rebekah's 6th grade class

I love the dancing in in the Honduran typical clothes.

A skit I did not understand

Mikayla's 8th grade class - pirates?

Singing (Rebekah and Mikayla)

Katarina's 10th grade beheading the King and Queen.

Parade begins with the bomberos (firefighters)

This is the first time I've seen cheerleading type things.  I think they are each making a letter...maybe for the school

Native Honduran Indians

Typical dress for parades

And for recycling...we have this dress made out of chip bags!

Nashville School begins...preschool

Nashville School Mayan float

Nashville School Mayan float (natives in the back!)

The Nashville School band - look how far the parade goes up the street!

Nashville School band

Three Helpers

Katarina sorting pills

Rebekah sorts the toothpaste

Mikayla sorting pills too

They had fun...and we can see Mik's braces!


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