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What does ATC do?


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Discovery School, Teacher Trainings

Discovery School

- Language Arts (grades 9-12)

- Discovery School Chronicles (Literary Magazine)

- After School Activities - Drama/Play

- Chaperoning Brigades (students are translators)

Kjell in his classroom.

Kjell sharpening minds

Who says you can't have fun in class?

Calendar of when you can play, have free time, or watch a movie!

Vision for the classroom

Literary Magazine 2011 and 2012

Discovery Chronicles Gala, 2010

Rebekah (in middle) and friends

Chaperoning on field trips

Mikayla and friends

Katarina and friends (with Jeremiah too!)

After school activities and opportunities (Discovery School choir)

Romeo To Go - first drama ever at Discovery!

Chaperoning Brigades (Los Encinitos) and Humanitary Efforts (Cayos Cochinos)

Teacher Training

(Here, there, everywhere)

Casa de Luz (Tegucigalpa)

Enlaces School Comayagua

Annual Teacher's Training Teachers Conference

Training at our house

Staff and friends - Casa de Luz (Zambrano and Tegucigalpa)

With a little bit of humor


- Run the Race Seminars

- Vision Consultations (personal and ministry/business/school vision mapping)

- Discipleship

- Missionary Talks on Transition and Cultural Adjustment

Missionary Retreat


Casa de Luz Tegucigalpa
School in the Valley of Angels
Shechinah Ministries in Tegucigalpa


Coordinate Teams

Connect Ministries:

a.  Missionaries to the Honduran Fellowship

Honduran Fellowship Website and Fanpage


Connect Ministries:

b.  Missionaries to the mission field (short or long term)

Missionaries to the mission field

Connect Ministries

c.  Students and teachers to Leadership College

Leadership College in El Socorro


What else is going on in Honduras?  How can you get involved?

Schools Children's Ministry Other

Discovery School

JHM Children's Home

Boys home, children's home, babies and young mothers

Honduran Fellowship Of Ministries

Doing Life Together (bringing people together on the mission field)

Nashville School

facebook (Valley)

facebook (Teguc.)

Love Without Boundaries (bible class)

Evangelist Luis Sorto


Rehabilitation Center (JHM)

Overcome addictions

Faith Academy (JHM)

Casa de Luz (Tegucigalpa)

Inner City Day Care

Ed and Val Schubert, Jenny Bronsink

Words of Light

Crops and discipleship

Aaron and Jennifer Vesterberg

Leadership College


Casa de Luz (Zambrano)

Because Eternity Matters

Ed and Val Schubert

El Camino Adelante

Transition (teens from orphanages to life)

Harlan and Janelle Horst



Reach Out Honduras

Loving and serving one child at a time


Medical Brigades

(Dan and Bonnie Dunnington)

International School

Adoption in Honduras  

NOTE: Click on a name above for a link to ministry website, blog, or facebook page (if available). 

           If any of these links are no longer working, please contact us.

Anchor Bay Evangelistic Association (ABEA).

Answer the Call Ministries

ATC Ministries

Answer the Call



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